Alicia C. Armstrong Law Office opened in November 2013 with the primary focus of immigration law and mission to serve the needs of foreign nationals within the U.S., and those who are aiming to come here. Through this mission our work promotes important immigration policies like family unity, economic progress, and humanitarian interests.


We believe that strong economies arise from thriving and diverse communities. Our office is deeply committed to helping foreign nationals maintain work authorization in the U.S. In turn, we serve the needs of businesses and other institutions to legally hire and maintain their foreign workforce. Such employees may be scientists, teachers, entertainers, artists, athletes, and engineers, or domestic, restaurant, agricultural, and other vital seasonal workers.

We aim to improve access to legal services throughout Wisconsin by providing flexible, competent representation. In doing so we establish strong ties with nonprofit organizations, communities of faith, and other social advocates in the area. Connecting with these organizations provides our clients with greater resources to support their immigration needs, and other holistic needs as well. The result is keeping families safe from the fracture of deportation, and securing folk’s legal status which opens the door to jobs, stability, and resources.

We are committed to providing well-rounded client representation that is tailored to fit your needs!